Monday, September 12, 2011

A little slip

          Over a month ago, I finally took the plunge and video taped myself training Mickey. It was a behavior that was done at the Bob Bailey and Terry Long seminar in Anaheim last month. Close a drawer. After the long song and dance from Bob to plan, I actually didn't. I was so preoccupied to video tape myself, I didn't do a good job planning. The video was more to just do it. So that is its quality. I just did it.

          This past weekend I went on a dog training meet-up and one thing that was evident was Mickey and I are not in sync as we have been. It was good to have other dog friends notice this. A reality check that Mickey and I have not been working that much together. We were doing so well, and this little slip is a little depressing, but keep focused forward and we will get bacy in sync again.

           I have had some bouts of anemia, low iron, low Vitamin D and low Calcium. I also had extreme high triglycerides peaking at 1173. My doctor says I should be 150. My cholestrol hit 363.

            I need to get my health back together, and I'm sure I will have more energy to train. I have been feeling rather fatigue and no wonder with all those low values and the high triglycerides. Time to take care of myself and cuddle with Mickey. I someone feel a little defeated, wondering when I will get into the obedience competition ring. Take one day at a time and one focus at a time. Hopefully I will have my energy back. Then get back on track with training, video taping and following good focus for training.