Monday, September 12, 2011

A little slip

          Over a month ago, I finally took the plunge and video taped myself training Mickey. It was a behavior that was done at the Bob Bailey and Terry Long seminar in Anaheim last month. Close a drawer. After the long song and dance from Bob to plan, I actually didn't. I was so preoccupied to video tape myself, I didn't do a good job planning. The video was more to just do it. So that is its quality. I just did it.

          This past weekend I went on a dog training meet-up and one thing that was evident was Mickey and I are not in sync as we have been. It was good to have other dog friends notice this. A reality check that Mickey and I have not been working that much together. We were doing so well, and this little slip is a little depressing, but keep focused forward and we will get bacy in sync again.

           I have had some bouts of anemia, low iron, low Vitamin D and low Calcium. I also had extreme high triglycerides peaking at 1173. My doctor says I should be 150. My cholestrol hit 363.

            I need to get my health back together, and I'm sure I will have more energy to train. I have been feeling rather fatigue and no wonder with all those low values and the high triglycerides. Time to take care of myself and cuddle with Mickey. I someone feel a little defeated, wondering when I will get into the obedience competition ring. Take one day at a time and one focus at a time. Hopefully I will have my energy back. Then get back on track with training, video taping and following good focus for training.

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  1. There's a very special dog in my life who has clearly come to teach me that goals and intentions are way less important that being in the moment and enjoying those you share with others. As someone very wise once said to me: don't "should" on yourself. Just be. Hope you're feeling better soon.