Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Getting back running again....

      Since my last trail, it was such an emotional blow to me that it took awhile to get my head back right to move forward. Last Sunday I did a Sniff 'n Go. I was glad some of the hides were known. This stepping back to some known and unknowing helped build Mickey's and my confidence. Mickey was doing a little bit of a "drive-by" but that enabled me to work him through it. I saw an inkling of returning to the way we use to dance well together. Doing this session helped our confidence.

      Tonight it was raining when i came home from work. I took this opportunity to do a rain, early evening, almost dark practice. Mickey did exceptionally well. I realize this is in our own backyard that he knows very well, but these practices really are helping restore the confidence so Mickey and I can do well at our next trial in 10 days.

      I also will be thinking appropriate material. Although some advice says to think all positive, that did add a little pressure on me. Trying to get a few titles in this time zone, and thus far getting none. That can work on your psyche and be damaging if you don't guide yourself in the correct manner.

      I am breaking it down more to task, not envision myself winning the title. The latter seems to mess with my head. The more I can think of Mickey, the task at hand, the less information in my head is all the better. In my sessions with my Sport Psychologist, reading books and articles, focus is one of the most important skills to have in competition.

       I wrote a continuous plan that is helping me keep on track. I think this time we are going to nail it! 

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