Sunday, October 18, 2015

NW3: Gearing up for the Elite

    Mickey is certainly my heart dog he has these wonderful brown eyes that sparkle with excitement. He doesn't act or look 10 years old. So much life left.

    Mickey is entered in a NW3 trial, the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We are up for our Elite. He got his second NW3 last June. Mickey's leg has healed, and has been doing regular swim therapy. His body is lean and fit. The next 6 weeks Mickey and Ih ave a big training regime.

1. Oct 24 - Interior Level 1 Element
2, Nov, 1 - Mock event
3. Nov. 8 - Fred Helfers workshop with 6 handlers. Nice small group.
4. Nov. 14 - workshop.
5. Nov. 21 - Two elements, Exteriors Level 1 and Containers Level 2.
6. Nov,. 28 - NW3 - up for Elite 

     Mickey and I will practice during the week, I want to increase his endurance to get him in good shape. We did take a little rest, but looking at our schedule, we will be back in sync in no time. It is going to be a fun 6 weeks.


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