Thursday, February 3, 2011

Problem solving and perfecting the sit

        As I have been conditioning the sit in front of me, focusing on one criteria, I wasn't quite getting clean results. If you are not getting clean results, what is happening? What am I reinforcing to cause these sits to have his rump shift to a side. Careful thought and help from a Chicken Camp Friend, what am I doing? Sits to one side can mean anticipation. Through careful observation and problem solving, I realized the shifted sit was just that. Anticipation that I was going to throw his toy or throw the stick, which is from my right hand, throwing it towards my left side. Thus, Mickey's rump shifted to my right, to set himself up to run to my left. So how do I use the stick or the Kong to reinforce straight sits without the rump shifting? Keep hands to the side, call the dog and when the dog sits in front of you with the correct sit, offer the toy straight down for them to take it in their mouths. Now we are getting rid of the shifted sits. Sometimes I have to start with the toy above, but then slowly fade, hide the toy behind me, put my hands to the side, like a trial, he sits perfectly straight, I grab the toy, and give it to him straight from above. Precision training is becoming a fun problem solving adventure.

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