Thursday, February 10, 2011

Training when you have fatigue

        One of the biggest challenges in my dog training is to have stamina. I get slight joint achiness and fatigue, which sometimes I'm not into training. I can say that most my years as a dog trainer, I was a "wanna be" where I dreamed about doing all these great things and fatigue or other limitations got in the way. Mostly distracted me. The fatigue fog would occur too.

        Not only do I have to chart out a plan for myself to train Mickey, I also need to plan a chart for myself. To keep focused in the direction I want to go, so obstacles become small little step overs. I have to pay attention to my whole body. What can I do to improve myself? I do get sick when I eat prepared food with chemicals. Sometimes an innocent taco, they might have put packaged seasoning on the chicken. Then after eating such a meal, fatigue will set in. It does a lot more to my body than make me fatigue. So I must plan my life. Plan my schedule of making my food, plan my training time and plan my life. This is true for many of those who have fatigue. I want to finally put my years of dreaming into action. I have been practicing and even did a little tonight after work. IT is coming, I'm moving forward. I see it coming. I'm excited.

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