Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Weekend of practice

      I was fortunate to participate in a Halloween Mystery Nose Work style. Our dogs searched and then we picked a clue.

     The area was a place I've never been before, Frog Field Dog Sports in Ramona. There are old stalls, an agility field, a nice size dirt parking lot and a house. A dog person's dream house.

      We had three different search areas, a pretend dining room, luggage room and cutlery. Uniquely designed to simulate an Old  English murder area. the parking lot had three vehicles and was also where the murder took place. Next to the agility field was the cemetery, another search area for the dogs.

       I noticed that doing the searches in the barn were a bit difficult for me, they were dark. I'm seeing this pattern. Mickey also wasn't right on like he normally is. His alerts were subdued, not crisp like they normally are presented.He missed one in the vehicle area and one in one of the barn rooms. He did really well in the cemetery even though the little baby Skeleton jumped up when Mickey rand over the grave. Thus, that is where the odor was! Mickey did startle, but did return. GOOD BOY! he got the other two odors really well.

         It was a good practice. Afterwards we had to solve the mystery. I was wrong on everything, but I don't read mystery novels.

         The next day I got to do a lot of interiors. A medical group is moving out of their building and Smrt Dogs was able to have a practice mock interior search there. Mickey did ok. He did miss a few hides and he just wasn't crisp. Having this happen again, I started to realize I think it is time to see the chiropractor. When he is not that focused, misses odors and doesn't give a clear alert, it usually means he just isn't quite comfortable. I wouldn't say he's in pain, just not comfortable. Fortunately he has an appointment before my all day workshop I have this coming weekend.


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