Sunday, November 22, 2015

Not in Sync

     November 21, Mickey and i had entered a Container Level 2 Element Search and Level 1 exterior search. It was held at a historical museum of Spanish adobe buildings, one of the original Spanish lands.

     The weather was warm, dry and windy.

     For the container search, the first was in a raised chapel that had a roof, but no sides. open Chapel. There were boxes on the floor and on the benches. Mickey got one hide, but didn't find the second. I was really puzzled he didn't find the second hide. I don't know if it was the wind, or him not spending enough time on the box. In past container searches, He would stick his nose on the container and find the odor.

      The Second container search area had three hides. Lunch boxes on grass. Mickey got two, but didn't alert on the third. I also kept getting lost. My brain wasn't there. Mickey and I were at a terrible start, blowing two of the searches. Just something to chalked up to really bad search day.

       The third search was in a dark room of books. We had off leash option and I let Mickey off leash. There were tables in the center with books, so the boxes were on the floor, on the perimeter. As I let Mickey go, he ran, he did something to a box, I ran up to him, called Ooops. Boy, this is a really BAD day!!! What I learned is I should have left him on leash. I would have been able to see him better, the room was really really dark, and it would have been better controlled.

     The last search were big cardboard boxes. one hide, yay we got it! Ok,1 out of  4.

        Then the next element was exteriors. This is level one so there is only one hide in each. Mickey got the first, got the second, and got the third, then the last one.......he was not focused. he kind of went to the odor, then went away, so i didn't call it, he wandered, paced, oops, ran out of time. Took him off, he ran to some ivy and instantly dumped. Oh sigh. i tried to get him to go earlier, but he doesn't like to go on leash. Oh well......crappy day anyway.

      You have to have a bad day. it is what i can say is "been there, done that. The more experience you have, even if it is falling on your face, the more seasoned you get. I wanted this to be a confidence booster for this upcoming trial that means a lot more to me. but my coaching skills for myself are really needed right now. Mickey and I have already titled two NW3 trials, we can do it this Saturday. Even though today was a bust in two elements, we had practice. The more we practice, the better! 

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